Parisian Souvenirs: »Madame et Madame«

"Madame et Madame" - ©, Paris 1989 - All rights reserved.In the early years of my profession as a photojournalist and photographer, I spent lots of time with strolling, watching life in the neighborhood at Paris. »Madame et Madame« is a street scene somewhere at La Bastille quarter. Different worlds meet in a single moment.

I always enjoyed those „concierges“ at Paris: Today they seem to be a dying breed. But talking and listening to them has been a special pleasure for me. Some of them were a kind of „Cerberus“, others charming and full of warm-hearted humor and wisdom. A few among the concierges are rather rude. But all of them have something in common: They were (and still are) a „living memory“ of the neighborhood.

A couple of days ago, another photograph inspired me to have a look at my archive: »Two Mesdames« by David Turnley. Although a completely different scene, my memories were stunningly similar. I love those photographic coincidences  and juxtapositions … and in some ways I remember Paris as a very female city.

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    Très, très bien, ma chère…

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