Adventures with a View

Sol Gabetta 2009 © - All rights reserved.»Hands are something very interesting to look at: They tell stories … in the way people touch each other, shake or hold hands, embrace or handle delicate things. Additionally their gestures and various shapes reveal much about a person’s character and temper – like Sol Gabetta’s elegant but powerful hand in a moment of silent contemplation during a rehearsal.«

So far the story behind the picture. Thanks to social media there is another, new story behind the picture, worth to be told anyway. The day before yesterday, I’ve published the photo above with its capture on my Facebook page and profile. Unusually late due to a couple of days with a really tight schedule. Yesterday morning I woke to a start, because I forgot to reset the push messages to „silent mode“. I grabbed my smartphone at 5.30 a.m., looked at the message. It was Facebook – telling me something about 35 new fans, tons of likes on my page and »1350 people saw your post«. Call it sudden hyperventilation and an adrenaline push: What happened? Got hacked? Account compromised? As those apps don’t display certain functions and aspects of stats, I rushed to grab my notebook to have a closer look what might be going on.

Between boot up and closer look I had a quick coffee. Stats exploded in the meantime – about 10 minutes: »…2590 people…«. Well. Let’s check that unsusual activities. A closer look to stats, likes, shares – and a sudden insight: The photo above has caught special attention – and was shared on Sol Gabetta’s page on Facebook. During the day, stats showed an enormous response on the photograph, reporting more than 9000 reaches. And beyond all stats (hey! only numbers!) personal interaction with people was really phantastic: Likes and comments from all over the world – and lots of comments via personal messages also, which led into a number of interesting conversations. Stunning but not unexpected at all: All dialogues were mostly about life – and not about photography or even technical skills (which has been the trigger to start into conversations, though.)

These are the moments I really love social media: This great interaction with people is one of the constant sources of inspiration and creativity for me. Responses tell much about the emotional skills of photographs and their captions. And those conversations were … great. Nothing to add so far – except warm regards and »Thank you« to Sol Gabetta, who is not only a fascinating artist, but also a very kind, warmhearted person with a great sense of humor.
(And for those who are curious about the realities of life: Interaction via social media is not only flattery, but also results in interesting requests.)

Photo: © 2009 – All rights reserved.