Imagine the images!

After the rain - © 2013 - All rights reserved.There are definitely moments in life when I decide not to take photographs – but just to sit and watch: Completely absorbed in thoughts, focused on observations and perceptions, concentrated on the smallest details. I love to simply watch, whether changes in light or atmosphere around me – like I did during the last hour and a half. After a day with incredible heat and insane air humidity, I sat down in a small pub at the shores of Lake Constance. Work on assignment has been done for today. I’ve been done also. What could be better than a cool drink and this amazing panoramic view of the Alps?

And what could be more interesting than watching the growing clouds on the horizon, which pile up to another kind of Alps in the sky? All the colors around, the air and the light were so brillant and sharp – like they are just before a thunderstorm. Suddenly and with an enormous speed, the light was fading. Seemingly swept away by a cool breeze from the mountains, within a couple of minutes all colors around blurred, then were gone, extinguished by that sudden darkness. Lake Constance vanished – behind falling rain, like a charming lady hiding behind a grey silken veil. First silence arose, than the soft murmur of approaching rain. Leaves were whirling and dancing in the refreshing wind. I sat – and just watched. No camera, no photo. Just watching. And listening to the sounds of nature.

Such impressing, overwhelming beauty: Hissing and dabbling water – waves on the Lake as well as rain on ancient roofs and rain gutters. Sparkling little lights were shimmering on the the dark cobblestone pavement, reflections of ongoing flashes, like white, red, yellow strobe lights, painting a variety of colors into the sky. Empty streets in the old town of Lindau at Lake Constance, nothing to hear: No voices, no footsteps, nothing except roaring thunder, which causes vibrations all over and the whispering sound of water. An abundance of stories, told by nature itself. This wonderful resonant silence within: I’d prefer not to disturb it with an annoying click of my camera. I simply sat down and just listened, while more thoughts and inner images came to my mind than words could tell.

This world is a truely impressive, beautiful place to be.