The world in a hand

Hands with cello - © 2009 - All rights reserved.In terms of portraiture I’m an explorer and adventurer: Nothing is more fascinating for me than an intense look at people around me. But in order to feel and see who they are, to discover their beauty and uniqueness beyond any outward appearance, it is far not enough to have a keen eye. I consider to give and share deep respect, sensibility and love for people and life in general the most important resources for any kind of my portraiture. Approaching a person in front of my camera is very often a matter of details: body language, eyes and especially hands, as they always »speak« to me. Imagine a simple handshake or hands and their individual ways of holding a glass of wine, thumbing through a book, touching delicate items. Those moments always offer lots of impressions of a personality to me; a kind of sensual unveiling, sensible stripping of a mask, an intense look behind a curtain – altogether more than words can tell. When I come back to the photographs of hands I’ve taken, I always come back to the characters and insights also: Because the images remind me of the importance to know who I am and where I stand – in the sense of fundament for any encounters with people which result in great portraiture.

»Photography is a great companion … but at the end of the day, life is much more important.« (Peter Turnley)

© 2009 – All rights reserved.