Timeline picks, 23.1.2013

A great find on the web, those little notes about moments, the images illustrate fleeting time: Animated GIFs are an unusal, but nevertheless thrilling way of storytelling on the web. „Things I Don’t Want To Forget“ by Tyler Magyar at „The Bygone Bureau“.

Photographer and artist Julia Dean celebrates 40 years in documentary photography – with a retrospective look at her career between traveling to more than 40 countries, workshops and teaching. A feature on „Framebox“ photography blog of Los Angeles Times. Additional informations about exhibition dates also on the blog.

„Early Works“ – Call for entries until 4.2.2013: Did you take images when you were young? The documentary project about photographers and their early works which sometimes show early talent, a different view and visual intention, will be shown at Newspace Center for Photography, April 5th – 28th 2013 (during the Portland Photo Month). All submitted photos should be taken preferably at the age 5 to 13 years; more about the project, its entry details and informations at „Early Works“ (website)

Inge Morath Award – Call for Entries: The Magnum Foundation and the Inge Morath Foundation just announced 12th annual award.  5000 $ will be given to a female photographer under the age of 30 – as a support for a long-term documentary project. Details of deadline, submission forms and further informations are here (Website of Magnum/Morath Foundation).

Photo: „Clone Warriors“ – ©HeikeRost.com 2012 – All rights reserved.