Echoes and Responses

Arles Conversation - © 1990 - All rights reserved.A silent conversation in the deep shadows of the sun around noon at Arles, France. The photo came to my mind because I’ve just read a beautiful statement on Peter Turnley’s Facebook page: »…there are moments when the heart skips a beat with the click of the shutter, one’s world feels entirely captivated by the energy and marvel of a moment that touches the heart.«
I couldn’t agree more to these words – for there is definitely a delicate change of pace in a photographer’s heart in those moments. And I’m sure that this tiny difference in vibration and heartbeat resonates in a beautiful way: It echoes in the beholder’s heart. And always will.

»…and yes I said yes I will Yes« (James Joyce)
Arles Conversation © 1990 – All rights reserved.