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Quote from an email I recently received: »May I ask you for any suggestions which equipment I should buy in order to make better photographs?«
Here’s my answer to the question: »See. Feel. Breathe. Enjoy arts, culture and life in general. And: Take photos. Each day. That’s it.«

I feel blessed and very grateful for having met so many very inspiring people, not matter if in real life or virtually – and the conversations with them, sharing with each other different views and perspectives, attitudes and thoughts, were, are and always will be a wonderful way to broaden my personal horizon. Yvel, my former teacher of portraiture at Lette, Berlin, belongs definitely to this long list of friends: Born and raised in Haiti, a French native speaker with a brillant mind and a warm hearted person; we enjoyed so many beautiful conversations with each other! From the beginning of my photographic education, he has been sure that my main topic would be portraiture. I haven’t been too convinced, when I started to work as a freelance photojournalist and photographer – to be honest, I completely refused his opinion.
But when looking back I have to admit: He was perfectly right. And when we met again some time ago, Yvel asked me to bring a body of my work – a portfolio of all kinds of photography I made, a selection of publications and books. He sat there, had a look to my work, silently sunken in thoughts. Then he suddenly stood up, hugged me and, with a warm smile and tears in his eyes, he gently said: »I knew it.« Could there be any greater appreciation of a photographer’s work than a moment like this?

A huge thank you, Yvel – for the gift of your friendship!

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