Encounters: Martha

Martha Foto: HeikeRost.com 19.6.2013 - Alle Rechte vorbehaltenIt has been a while I’ve got to know Martha, a dear friend’s mother. Yesterday on a rather spontaneous trip we met again after at least ten years. Impressed by her beautiful face and shy smile, I asked her if I could snap some portraits, which she agreed. And I’m happy having had this chance: It’s always very impressing for me to look at elder people. At their hands which tell stories about a whole life between work, caring for children and relatives and also volatileness. As well as their faces do.

But within wrinkles and age I enjoy the personal insights beyond the outward appearance: Like a blurry view through a window with frosted window panes, I always can feel and see the former young person which shimmers in the eyes, in smiles and handshakes. Call it a photographer’s vision in those brief encounters: Of beauty which simply is – and always will be, beyond all measures and rules. Of the preciousness of life in all its facets of happiness, love, grief and struggle – and of natural digitny. It’s all about life, at the end of the day.

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