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Thanks to Hans Hütt I’ve found and completed an interesting test – with stunning results concerning my work:

„Heike makes photos and photographic artworks. By exploring the concept of landscape in a nostalgic way, Heike seduces the viewer into a world of ongoing equilibrium and the interval that articulates the stream of daily events. Moments are depicted that only exist to punctuate the human drama in order to clarify our existence and to find poetic meaning in everyday life. By emphasising aesthetics, she wants the viewer to become part of the art as a kind of added component. Art is entertainment: to be able to touch the work, as well as to interact with the work is important. Her photos establish a link between the landscape’s reality and that imagined by its conceiver. These works focus on concrete questions that determine our existence.

Her works sometimes radiate a cold and latent violence. At times, disconcerting beauty emerges. The inherent visual seductiveness, along with the conciseness of the exhibitions, further complicates the reception of their manifold layers of meaning. By creating situations and breaking the passivity of the spectator, by exploring the concept of landscape and views in a nostalgic way, she investigates their dynamics, including the manipulation of its effects and the limits of spectacle based on our assumptions of what perception means to us. Rather than presenting a factual reality, an illusion is fabricated to conjure the realms of our imagination.

Her photos are based on inspiring situations: visions that reflect a sensation of indisputability and serene contemplation, combined with subtle details of odd or eccentric, humoristic elements. Her works directly respond to the surrounding environment and uses everyday experiences from the artist as a starting point. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context.“

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