Encounters: Stéphanie

Amazing encounters, which are proof for Edouard Boubat’s wise words about the lots of gifts waiting at each corner of the street, as long as you keep eyes, heart and mind open. This is Stéphanie, whom I met at Les Halles, Paris. I’ve been blown away by her fascinating face with the sparkling eyes and beautiful smile, her grace and enchanting attitude; and couldn’t resist to ask her, if I could make a portrait of her. Fortunately, she kindly smiled – and we had a lovely portrait session of a few minutes.

Her portrait just received a »Mark of Excellence« at the »I shot it Black and White Competition 4/2013« – I’m humbled, speechless, honored and very happy. See more phantastic photos of the contest here.

Photo: ©HeikeRost.com 11.9.2013 – All rights reserved.