Welcome contributors!

Some useful informations for those who are interested in contributing to this project:

1. Think about the topic of your post: „Image and View“ – which I’d rather call a webzine – is mainly focused on photography and photojournalism. Its topics are visual culture in general, with aspects of esthetics, ethics, photography, photographic attitudes, photo language and style. As photography is not about technics and camera gear, articles should concentrate on the aspect of sharing – personal thoughts, experiences and observations as well. Academic views and perspectives are welcome and appreciated (f.e. photo language, body language, psychology, phenomenology), but should always refer to photographic practice!

Of course individual photographs (single and series) are also highly appreciated: Interests are „the story behind the image(s)“, your personal view and experience … and maybe some more about the reasons why you took exactly this photo this way.

2. The text: Anything between a minimum of 1.200 words and a maximum of 3.000 words is alright; longer textes are of course possible, if necessary. The blog is bilingual english/german; just choose your preferred language you feel comfortable with. Text formatting is not needed, as every post will be adapted to the blog layout.

3. The photos: They should be sRGB/jpg, with a maximum compression of 70% and a size of 1280 px/72 dpi. The photos will be published in a maximum size of 650 to 700 px (longer side of the image). Please don’t forget to tag all images with proper informations, f.e. date, author, copyright status, subject! Additionally you’ll be free to watermark your photos in a reasonable size or add a signature. (No guarantee possible, but a visible hint for possible copyright infringers, though.)

Please submit text and photos separately, either as single attachment or .zip-file to hr-AT-imageandview.com. (Please copy the mail adress manually, thank you!)

4. About deadlines: The quality matters, not the shortest way to publish. So far no deadlines for contributions here.

5. Compensations: „Image and View“ started as a personal blog a couple of years ago. In the meantime, the number of readers and visitors is constantly increasing. Nevertheless, „Image and View“ is not able to offer any monetary compensation for contributions (photos and text both).

6. Although contributions are welcome and appreciated, please note: There’s no guarantee that all articles are accepted and published.

I’m looking forward to suggestions, questions about the project and contributions; please feel free to contact me – preferably via contact form below. I appreciate the power of the internet and its convenience but try to keep out spammy riff-raff here.

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